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The lips are a part of the visible human body that are unique in sound of speech. Lips are movable, moist and lush that is why at QandQStore, we tend to give you the best lip gloss and lipstick inordet for you to have a well shape pout lips that will make a man go to his knees. Our brands of lip make-up include House of Tara, Zaron, MAC, BM PRO, Milani and so much more that are perfect for all lip type. Our lips are not all the same; some have small or fuller lip but do not worry because QandQStore offers you variety to choose and buy lipstick online that will automatically give you the shape and luscious lips you desire when you apply the make-up.

Lip Gloss And Lipstick Online

Browse on your no.1 beauty shop, QandQStore to buy lipstick online, lip gloss, balm, liner pencil that will give you a subtle nude shade and shiny lush lip. Our lip make-up comes in various high impact colours, non-sticky when you apply it to lip or over a lip liner and it does not wear out easily. Our lip kit is perfect for outlining your mouth as it glides over the lips smoothly which shows off your teeth gracefully. Lip sticks can also be matched with the colour of your clothes, shoes or bags; so buy lipstick online to complete your beautiful appearance.

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